Assignment on Economic Systems of Bangladesh

The specific areas covered by the consumer rights Protection related statutes in Bangladesh (Safety in Product) are:
Adulteration of Food;
Sale of adultered food;
Adulteration of drug;
Sale of adultered drug;

Counterfeit of Product;
Sale of date-expired product;
Monopoly business;
Price hike, if fixed;
Weight & measurement;
Trade Marks;
Standards of Product and labeling;
Milk & substitute to breast-milk;

Specific areas covered by the consumer rights Protection related statutes in Bangladesh (ensuring proper service) are:
Medical servicexii;
Legal service;
Security service or service by Law enforcing agencies;
Telecommunication service;
Energy Regulatory service;
Transport service that includes-

Air, water, land i.e. motor vehicles and railway etc.;
Punishments for the violation of Consumer Rights under various Laws
The various types of punishments under the consumer related Laws of Bangladesh can be summarized below:
Death Penalty for adulteration of food, black marketing, hoarding etc. under the Special Powers Act, 1974;
10 years imprisonment and/ or two lakh taka fine for manufacturing sub-standard or prohibited drugs under the Drug Control Ordinance, 1982;
3-years punishments and/ or 2-lakh taka fine under the Consumer Rights Protection Act, 2009 for adulteration of food or medicine;
Compensation 5-times than the actual loss under the Consumer Rights Protection Act, 2009;
4-years imprisonment and/ or 1-lakh tk. Fine under the BSTI Ordinance, 1985;
Tk.50 thousand as fine and/or rigorous imprisonment for one year under the Pure Food Ordinances for sub-standard food items or giving false warranty etc;
6-months imprisonment or one thousand taka fine under the Penal Code, 1860 for adulteration of food or drug or sale of adultered food or drug. For fraudulent use of false weight or measure of length or capacity one year imprisonment or with fine or with both. The same punishment can be imposed for an offence relating to trade mark and property mark. For offering prize in connection with trade as an inducement, the offender may be punished for 6-months imprisonment or with fine or with both.
2-years imprisonment and 10000 Tk. Fine for the violation of Standards of Weights and Measures Ordinance, 1982;
3-years imprisonment and/ or 1-thousand tk. Fine for the violation of the Control of Essential Commodities Act, 1956;
2-years imprisonment and/ or 50,000 taka fine under the Breast-Milk Substitute (Regulation of Marketing) Ordinance, 1984 if any person make, exhibit, distribute, circulate, display or publish any advertisement promoting the use of any breast-milk substitute or implying or designing to create the belief or impression that breast-milk substitute feeding is equivalent or superior to breast-milk feeding.
 Other Measures of punishments:
 Forfeiture of goods or products or commodities or articles;
 Destruction of goods attached;
 Sale of attached Goods;
 Arrest & detention;