Assignment on Migration and Development: The Case of Bangladesh

International migration plays a vital and indispensable role in the national economy of Bangladesh. Because on the one hand it reduces unemployment and on the other hand it results in remittance flows to the country, which serve as an important but inexpensive source of much needed foreign exchange. In Bangladesh, migration has kept the unemployment rate virtually unchanged since the 1980s, although the growth rate of the labor force is almost twice that of the population growth. The continuous outflow of working age and the accompanying inflow of remittances have played a major role in keeping the unemployment rate stable. Migration, therefore eased the pressure of alternative employment creation on successive governments.

Assignment on NGOs in Bangladesh working for Children of Sex-workers

One of the most horrendous violations of child rights is sexual exploitation. While several categories of children are in the grip of physical and social disadvantages, the children of commercial sex workers fall easy prey to those who surround them and abuse them. They are not only marginalized but receive scant attention of society (Anandraj, Hannah. 1999).

Assignment on newspaper articles of CSW(Children of Sex Workers) in Bangladesh

More than 20,000 children are born and live in the 18 registered red-light areas of Bangladesh. Boys tend to become pimps once they grow up and girls continue in their mothers’ profession. Most of these girls enter the profession before the age of 12 (Guardian, 5March, 2010).

Assignment on The Present Situation of CWS in India

The basic education department of Uttar Pradesh would provide free and compulsory education up to class 8 to children of sex workers on the pattern of West Bengal. The officials of the basic education department said that according to the orders of Basic Shiksha Parishad and the Supreme Court, even the children of sex workers below the age of 14 years would be given free and compulsory education. The officials of the department of every district in the state were asked to identify such children through a survey. (Mitra, N.2012)

Assignment on Major Political Change in Bangladesh Since 1972

Bangladesh's first government took oath of office in Meherpur, Kushtia on April 10, 1971, after Major General Ziaur Rahman initiated the first revolt with his battalion against a brutal five division army crackdown on the local people, and declared independence on March 26th 1971 in Chittagong.
The provisional government of the new nation of Bangladesh was formed in Dhaka with President of the Republic, Justice Abu Sayeed Choudhury, and Tajuddin Ahmed as Prime Minister, and General M. A. G Osmani as Commander in Chief of Bangladesh Forces.

Assignment on Economic Systems of Bangladesh

The specific areas covered by the consumer rights Protection related statutes in Bangladesh (Safety in Product) are:
Adulteration of Food;
Sale of adultered food;
Adulteration of drug;
Sale of adultered drug;

Assignment on Importance of Probability in Business Administration

Probability is ordinarily used to describe an attitude of mind towards some proposition of whose truth is not certain.  The proposition of interest is usually of the form "Will a specific event occur?" The attitude of mind is of the form "How certain are we that the event will occur?" The certainty we adopt can be described in terms of a numerical measure and this number, between 0 and 1, we call probability.